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Terms and Conditions

Technical requirements

In order for SoftOne GO to function optimally and for you to get the best possible experience, your computer and phone should meet our system requirements. Please note that the system is operated by SoftOne so the requirements only apply to your work computers and mobile phones. An own server is not needed as SoftOne is a cloud-based service. Even if your hardware does not meet the requirements, the system may work, but the experience may be affected.

System requirements

SoftOne GO

Web browser
Recommended: Latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari

Processor (CPU)
Recommended: Equivalent to Intel Core i7 or better
Minimum requirements: Equivalent to Intel Core i3
(In the case of minimum requirements, the age limit does not apply older than 2 years)

Internal memory (RAM)
Recommended: 8 GB*
Minimum requirement: 4 GB
(Above only applies to SoftOne GO. Consider system requirements for other applications.)

Hard drive
Recommended: SSD*

Screen resolution
Recommended: 1920×1080
Minimum requirements: 1280×1024

Internet connection
Recommended: 50 Mbit/s down, 10 Mbit/s up*
Minimum requirements: 10 Mbit/s down, 1 Mbit/s up
Note that other applications may require a lot of capacity such as video.

(*) Refers to a user who works actively in the system all day with e.g. staffing planning, time certificates of many users, certificates of supplier invoices.

System requirements

SoftOne GO APP

Operating system:
Recommended: Android 10, iOS 13 (iPhone/iPad) or later

Minimum requirements: Android 6, iOS 11 (iPhone/iPad)

The mobile application can only be downloaded via Google Play or the App Store.

System requirements

Presence terminal

Operating system
Minimum requirements: Windows 10, Android 10, iOS 14

Processor (CPU)
Minimum requirements: Equivalent to Intel Core i3

Internal memory (RAM)
Minimum requirement: 4 GB

(The above only applies to the SoftOne GO Attendance terminal. Consider system requirements for other applications.)

Hard drive
Minimum requirements: 1 GB free, SSD

Screen resolution
Minimum requirements: 1024×768, 1280×1024, 1280×800

Internet connection
Minimum requirements: 30 Mbit/s down, 10 Mbit/s up

Service level agreement

1. Description of the Support Services

SoftOne AB (publ) 556239–4717 offers SoftOne Service & Quality for its Customers with the software service SoftOne GO.

Definition of a Support Case

A Support case refers to guidance on specific questions about the system’s functionality and flows, as well as troubleshooting problems caused by the technical environment.

Additional services

In addition to SoftOne Service & Quality, SoftOne offers the following additional services for a quote:

  • Shorter training over the phone
  • Certifications through training within various SoftOne GO modules and in-depth levels, see www.softone.se/kalender/utbildningar
  • Form and report customizations
  • Review of workflows
  • Reconciliations and investigations of, for example, VAT and differences
  • Review of new functions and optimization of the system set-up
  • Troubleshooting problems caused by the customer

As a customer, you get access to:

SoftOne Service & Quality via SoftOne’s digital customer center for Support cases, e-mail or phone.

SoftOne Service & Quality can be contacted by logging in via www.softone.se or by e-mailing support@softone.se. Telephone number is obtained after the certification has been completed.

Workflow at SoftOne Support

You register your case via the customer centre, alternatively via e-mail or telephone, whereby a case number is created. A product specialist handles the case, which is prioritized according to SoftOne’s Support Levels (item 4 below). You can continuously follow your case via the digital customer center.

2. Support Rights

As a Customer, you have the right to appoint two (2) contact persons who have the right to contact SoftOne Service & Quality.

3. Terms

SoftOne does not have access to the Customer’s data. The customer is responsible for, if necessary, giving SoftOne Service & Quality access to the customer’s account in SoftOne GO.

  • The users who are allowed to use SoftOne’s Service & Quality must have undergone training for the SoftOne GO modules the Customer wishes Support for.
  • Troubleshooting begins after an express order from the Customer. SoftOne has the right to charge the Customer for time spent adjusting or detecting errors caused by the customer’s IT environment or handling.
  • SoftOne reserves the right to change the terms of the SLA SoftOne Service & Quality. The change applies from and including the first day of the month that falls closest after the occasion when the change is published on softone.se.
  • The customer is entitled to SoftOne Service & Quality as long as there are no overdue payments.
  • As a customer, you always have the opportunity to report any program errors via the digital customer center.

 4. Support levels

All cases are given a priority as follows:

  • Priority 1

The Software Service cannot be started, all or substantial parts of the Software Service are unavailable and cannot be bypassed.

  • Priority 2

Means that business operations are significantly hindered but does not prevent the use of the Software Service.

  • Priority 3

Means that some part of the business operations is significantly hindered but does not prevent the use of the Software Service. This priority is also assigned to priority 1 and 2 cases, where an alternative solution can be provided.

  • Priority 4

Is important to the Customer but can be bypassed.

  • Priority 5

This priority level is the default level. Is of minor importance to the Customer.

SoftOne Service & Quality will begin work on the matter within the time frames specified below during SoftOne’s regular opening hours.

  • Priority 1: 2 hours
  • Priority 2: 4 hours
  • Priority 3: 12 hours
  • Priority 4 or 5: 48 hours

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