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SoftOne constantly strives to be at the forefront of technology and drive digitalization forward. We do this with our SaaS solution SoftOne GO, which creates the conditions for our customers to increase their competitiveness in a digital market. Digitization is today a basic prerequisite for meeting the market's demands for efficiency and growth.

The Team

The SoftOne Explore Team

We have a dedicated Explore team that follows the technological development and actively works to find ways to apply it to our business system. Together we look at new trends, test, evaluate and find new solutions. We are simply developing a SaaS service positioned for the future.


AI and data driven development

Two areas we are focusing on at the moment are AI and data-driven development. Our vision is to create growth for our customers. We do this by reinvesting 35% of our turnover in developing our business system and giving our customers the tools they need to streamline their operations and benefit from the development of technology. We offer a partnership that keeps our customers’ skills relevant in the future. We will lead you and take on the future together.

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Read about the possibilities of AI and the technology of the future

Trend scouting

Joel Köhl is CEO of SoftOne Sweden. He has a great interest in new technology and trends. Here he offers his trend scouting on the theme “The time of change is here”, where he covers areas such as consumerisation, mobile use and the user’s new role at the center of business systems.

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