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With SoftOne GO, you get system support for your entire business process for working hours. From budget and needs, to schedule planning, certificate and salary payment! Having the right number of employees, with the right skills, in the right place not only provides quality, but also that the business pays for exactly the resources that are actually needed. By showing how well the current staffing matches the budget, you know in advance the company's upcoming salary costs.


SoftOne GO

System for invoicing and time reporting

An invoicing system from SoftOne GO brings together the functions you need to easily administer your business’ income and expenses. This invoicing program includes, among other things, price management, wholesale management with EDI connection, order and invoice management.

In the app, the company’s employees manage orders and time reporting, which means that the administrator gets a smooth flow with complete documentation. All information is updated in real time. It is a way of working that creates participation and saves time.


The functions of the Sales module

Looking for a quote template? In the Offer module, you can work with offer templates to streamline offer management. In this quotation system, you can email quotations to your customers. You can also create an order or invoice directly from your quotation. You can view your quote register with all historical quotes to get a clear overview.

If you have recurring invoices, it is convenient to use contract invoices. With this contract management, a register is created so that recurring invoicing can be automated. For example, invoicing of rent savings, ongoing service agreements and other ongoing invoicing. This means that you do not need to create new invoices every time, but have this pre-filled and prepared in SoftOne GO Contract Management. The agreement can be invoiced directly or transferred to an order where you can make adjustments. You can easily update prices in the event of, for example, index increases, as well as text on the invoices, for example which periods they refer to.

Administer on the customer’s time

Thanks to our powerful app and order system, you can record time and materials while you work. In this way, the risk of wastage is minimized while the order values are always updated. Since the registration is done directly, the administration is done on the customer’s time. There is also support for mandatory self-checks and signatures by the contractor and the customer before the order is marked ready. When the order is marked clear in the field with correct invoicing documents, the order can be invoiced directly, which streamlines the invoicing work.

All time registration generates a time book that can be attached to an invoice. The time book is also the basis for Salary, which you can either use in the integrated payroll management SoftOne GO Salary or export to another payroll system.

Wholesale collaborations within EDI

SoftOne cooperates with most major wholesalers. This is so that our craft customers can receive the delivery note for the material directly on the work order. As an installer/entrepreneur, you have a lot to gain from the integration with wholesalers. You have all your wholesalers’ price lists and discount letters in the system, which means that everything you buy gets the right price automatically.

When you collect material from your wholesalers, it is automatically read into SoftOne GO as order lines. This allows you to invoice faster and more securely. The overview gives you the opportunity to make fact-based decisions about your purchases.

The wholesalers’ offers and opportunities for integration differ, but the majority support updating price lists, EDI connection to order confirmation and supplier invoices and discount letters. You can see which wholesalers we handle and what they support for integrations here.

Order planning creates an overview of both planned and unplanned orders. The employee sees where they should be and when in the mobile app. At the same time, you see your colleagues’ assignments and times. Since all assignments, bookings and absences are in Order Planning, you can easily schedule new jobs according to available time. In order planning, the administrator sees the status of the order. It is also possible to plan assignments directly in the app.

If you work in Order, the invoice is ready with the press of a button

Thanks to our invoicing system SoftOne GO and a comprehensive order list, you can create and co-invoice an order with the correct status immediately. You can invoice with or without a time book, i.e. the times that you have reported in connection with a project. When the invoice is created, it is invoiced via e-mail, e-invoice or in the traditional way. Integration with the InExchange network enables e-invoicing. The invoice is sent in the way the customer prefers (e-invoice, paper, e-mail) without you having to think about it. The invoice can come as EDI files or via e-mail or post to be scanned in for interpretation.

With an efficient ROOT/RUT flow, documents are exported to the Swedish Tax Agency via file.

With our stock report, you get an overview of your stock status. You register receipts and deliveries and are connected to Orders. You also have access to this link in our mobile app. You can import and inventory stock based on your needs. In the inventory report, you can manage several storage locations.
SoftOne GO

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