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With SoftOne GO, you get system support for your entire business process for working hours. From budget and needs, to schedule planning, certificate and salary payment! Having the right number of employees, with the right skills, in the right place not only provides quality, but also that the business pays for exactly the resources that are actually needed. By showing how well the current staffing matches the budget, you know in advance the company's upcoming salary costs.


SoftOne GO

Business system for HR

SoftOne GO is not only a staffing system, but also an HR system that provides engaged employees. When you as a supervisor wake up in the morning and see that an employee is sick, other employees may have already solved your staffing. With SoftOne GO, you as a company, manager and supervisor, can spend your time running the core business and that is by having the right amount of staff in the right place.

Use a scheduling program

How many resources does your business really need to cover the company’s planned tasks? Do you need help with scheduling? By using staffing optimization, you get your optimal staffing for each time, no more, no less. If you then stick to the plan, you will have greater control over your costs. Include budget and you see the entire flow from budget to planned wage cost in one and the same view!

Scheduling in the cloud

Deviations from planned time such as overtime and absence need to be checked, while normal worked time can be certified automatically with a set of rules that can be controlled based on your requirements. With an intelligent automated test, the system certifies everything that a human eye does not need to look at. You only see what you need to make a decision about and fix.

If the working hours are correct and certified, the payroll is already ready

Payroll management in SoftOne GO is built on the certified time that is already checked and approved. The path to salary payment will be very smooth and simple. If something needs to be corrected, this is done once and leads to an automatic recalculation of the salary. You also no longer need to take the traditional turn of the year into account, you just have to keep working.


The functions of the HR module

A well-functioning schedule planning is the heart of a solution for time and staffing. With SoftOne GO, you get a planning tool for the entire flow from budget & staffing optimization, to basic schedule, work schedule and planned outcome in one and the same view. Key figures are available as well as forecasts that can change while you plan for changes or search for replacements.

Scheduling day by day

Day by day you see how many hours are planned and what salary costs are calculated both per day and for the entire period shown. If you want to look at a certain personnel category or a certain type of work shift, it will work fine if your user has that authorization.

The overviews have clear interfaces and work passes in different colors can be moved between different people with drag-and-drop functions. There is a separate function around free shifts with working hours that the employees can search for or that can be sent as a request for work from a supervisor.

The work pass can be linked to requirements for special skills that are matched against available personnel. The staff themselves can indicate whether they want to work more and when they are available or not.

Operational, tactical and strategic schedule planning

The tactical schedule planning, in SoftOne terms: “The basic schedule”, means that you ensure that the schedule is correctly rolled out in the basics and relates to the employees’ contracted time and does not break any working time rules. This is also something that provides certainty to the employees about what their working hours look like.

When the basic scheme, the strategic planning, is rolled out, we come to reality. Absences, shift changes, extra shifts, finding substitutes are examples of what a scheduler can encounter in their daily work. SoftOne’s answer to operational schedule planning is the so-called “Work Schedule” which enables an efficiency in handling deviations from the basic schedule.

Sending passport requests, replacing absences or changing passports are just a few examples of what SoftOne offers to help the scheduler’s everyday life. Of course, all these functions are also easily accessible with a few button presses directly in the mobile app.

Scheduling programs require care

In those cases, the scheduling requires a little extra care, i.e. strategic thinking, SoftOne offers “Scenario planning”. With scenario planning, you can work with non-standard periods such as Christmas or summer and thus make them more efficient. Will Christmas week be a little extra hot this year? Simulate changes to your forecast or budget and see how your key figures are affected. Were you happy with last year’s Easter schedule? Copy over schedules to optional periods and make minor adjustments if required.

When you’ve finished working in your scheduling system, you can save it for later, throw it away, or roll it out in the work schedule.

With the goal of creating the most effective scheduling tool on the market, the strategic, tactical, and operational schedule is all gathered in one place in SoftOne GO’s answer to scheduling: Schedule Planning.

Work effectively in the operational reality

No matter how well you have planned the employees’ schedule, reality brings changes. The employees apply for time off or become ill, the business’s need for resources may suddenly increase. Operational situations can be managed via both the mobile phone and via your computer. The employees can both apply for leave or find extra work shifts via the mobile application or via their computer.

A supervisor can make available work shifts visible that the employees can queue up to work, or supervisors send the available work shifts directly as a work request to certain employees where the first to answer Yes is automatically staffed on the current work shift.

In the event of changes to the schedule’s planning, all ongoing controls, such as working time rules, are followed at all times and key figures are recalculated to the new situation. Work shifts with skill requirements are checked just like with the basic schedule planning.

Let the employees be involved

SoftOne GO is not only a work management system but also a system that enables employees to participate. When you as a supervisor wake up in the morning and see that an employee is sick or has childcare, other employees may have already solved your staffing.

SoftOne GO ensures that the company, manager and supervisors spend their time running the core business and that is by having the right staff in the right place through efficient staffing.

Some of the strengths of SoftOne GO Scheduling

  • Budget for working hours, salary cost and sales
  • Staffing optimization for tasks and deliveries
  • Basic scheme for the long-term planning
  • Work schedule for the short-term planning
  • Outcome of planned wage costs directly in the schedule view
  • Follow-up of budget, resource requirements, basic schedule, work schedule and outcomes in the same view
  • Key figures and forecasts
  • Effective replacement management
  • Follow-up of competence requirements, working time rules, availability on an ongoing basis

Let the system do the work

Attendance registration or deviation registration? In SoftOne GO, you can manage both ways of registering the time worked, which is the basis for the salary payment. Attendance can be registered via time terminal or touch screen and deviation registration can be done both via mobile application and computer.

Time reporting according to agreement

The collective agreement’s regulations together with the company’s rules for different staff categories are brought together in a time agreement. The time agreement creates the salary basis based on planned time, the time worked, absence, overtime and other additions and deductions. With flexible time rules, SoftOne GO is able to manage the majority of all collective agreements.

The time agreement governs which staff categories can indicate which deviations and whether the employees can report sick themselves. Different balances can be created and breaks can be managed in different ways through the time agreements. The time agreements also contain the regulations for the follow-up to the Working Hours Act.

The salary basis becomes a salary payment

If you use our salary module, the salary document is ready for salary payment when the time worked is certified. If you want employees to clearly mark their times or for supervisors to pre-certify, SoftOne GO does it perfectly. Certificate reminders are available for all different levels.

If you currently have another payroll system, SoftOne GO can be integrated with most payroll systems on the market today. When all times are certified, a file is created that is read into the receiving payroll system.

Some of the strengths of SoftOne GO Time registration and certificate

  • Flexible time rules for automation of salary documents for e.g. OB, sick
  • Overtime
  • Time terminals for attendance registration or customer-selected hardware such as e.g. iPad
  • Deviation registration directly in the mobile application
  • With SoftOne GO’s own salary module, you avoid integrations and different systems for time and salary
  • Automated testing selects only what the manager needs to review and the manager saves a lot of time while being able to focus on what is essential
  • Complete payroll integrations to most of the market’s payroll systems

With the payroll processing in SoftOne GO, the payroll is basically ready once you have set the schedule and administered the time

The integration between schedule, time and salary in SoftOne GO means that you only have to do the administration once. The salary is updated in real time with additional deviations in the form of allowances or deductions.

If the time is right, the pay is right

Salary can be simply described as Quantity x Price = Amount. The difficulty in the formula is not Price (salary calculation) but that the number (time reporting) is correct. In order to succeed with an efficient payroll administration, it is a matter of keeping the schedule planning up to date so that the automatic certificate works as it should in the time reporting.

The way the salary is laid out, you do not work with open and closed periods, but as far as you have added salary periods, you can see preliminary salary. This means that you get full control over the business’ salary costs.

Time-saving functionality

With the retroactive salary calculation, the employee receives the salary that he would have received if all the facts were known during ordinary salary calculation. The system automatically recalculates both compensation and deductions for each period.

Another unique feature is “reverse transaction”. If you e.g. registered holiday in one day and paid this before it was known that it would be sick, it is only necessary to “turn over” the holiday and register sick. Both transactions are automatically included in the pay period you selected.

API connections to the Swedish Tax Agency simplify your administration. A big advantage is that e.g. car benefits are loaded automatically.

SoftOne GO Payroll management makes the end of the holiday year easy.

Role-based system creates security

Security in SoftOne GO Payroll Management is provided via rights per user where each employee is assigned the rights they need in their position to be able to administer their own times, absences and other deviations. The individual salary specification can be easily downloaded via the app or via any platform.

Some of the strengths of SoftOne GO Payroll Management

  • Web-based – work from anywhere in the world
  • Integrated with Time, and in this way you can follow the salary cost directly after certified time
  • Company car register automatically updated with benefit amount – API connection
  • Manage employee tax deductions at the touch of a button – API connection
  • Use cost allocations
  • The retroactive salary function calculates all previous transactions so that it is the correct retro salary
  • Quick and easy holiday season driving
  • No individual annual runs or year breaks, it is ongoing year after year

Streamline your organization in Trade with Staffing Optimization & Schedule Simulation

The goal of staffing optimization is, of course, to make operations more efficient. But at the same time, the goal is also to increase the well-being of the employees by reducing the number of instances of too high or too low staffing – both of which create stress.

Let the needs of the business guide the staffing

How many resources does your business really need to cover the company’s planned tasks? By using staffing optimization, you get your optimal staffing for each time, no more, no less.

Staffing optimization is the company’s tool for strategic planning where you start from the needs of the business while controlling costs.

The business’s need for resources is based on actual sales, fixed tasks and deliveries. By setting up a regulatory framework for the business’s schedule cycles and breaks, as well as posting available employees with their skills, SoftOne GO can create a schedule proposal.

The schedule proposal can then be used further in schedule planning to create basic schedules for the staff. The business’s resource needs are constantly included during schedule planning so that follow-up can take place on an ongoing basis in the event of operational changes.

With a built-in hierarchical financial structure for chains and branches, the business can take advantage of the strength of central as well as regional and local overview and control. Simply described, it is a way of setting up the organizational structure that facilitates the administration and setting up of the system, which makes SoftOne GO easy to handle.

The organizational and financial structure is intertwined and is based on a hierarchy of accounts. The set makes it easy for companies with many devices to filter and search by employee, schedules and work shifts.

This structure enables a uniform way of working and compliance with regulations within the same business, which simplifies administration. The organizational structure also enables the lending of personnel between branches and stores in a clear way.

The employment details in SoftOne GO contain the information needed about the staff in the business to be able to work with schedule planning and create a salary basis. Salary information is also posted in cases where the salary module is used.

The employees themselves have the opportunity to supplement with their own contact details. Who sees what about which employees is controlled via an authorization system for functions and an authorization system for people.

For each employment, it is possible to print an employment certificate. In some cases where parallel employment is ongoing, it is possible to print employment certificates for this as well.

Personnel categories control who are colleagues with whom and who is the certifying manager. Colleagues are often allowed to see each other’s scheduled schedule time and type of work shift. Notifications about leave applications are only sent to the certifying manager or another person with the same authority.

The certifying manager or another person with the same authority can receive reminders about e.g. industry experience and attained age.

Competence management

Competence mapping is about ensuring that companies have the right skills to be able to build effective teams and implement their strategies and achieve goals.

With SoftOne’s competence gap tool, you can easily identify competences among your employees and compare these against the employee’s position and thus identify a competence gap.

Make sure you have the right skills in the right place

In addition to being able to work with skills gaps to, for example, plan training courses, you can also use the skills comparison when planning your schedule. If you use the function for needs optimization, this takes skills into account when services are generated.

You get help to see which employees can take a work shift when someone is absent. On selected work shifts, you can link current requirements to competencies which are then matched against the employees. SoftOne GO takes into account current working time rules and which employees have indicated that they wish to work extra shifts and are available at the current time.


Interviews are about documenting, for example, introduction, development interview, salary interview, rehabilitation interview or exit interview. The immediate manager normally has access to the conversation, but it is possible to create special authorizations so that, for example, only an HR manager and the employee have access to this.

All conversations are saved so you can always go back and see what you agreed on. At the same time, you can document who has participated in the conversation. Documents can be stored belonging to the employee.

Some of the strengths of SoftOne GO Employees and HR support

  • Authorization system for both functions and people
  • Contact information can be entered by the employee himself
  • Employment certificates can be printed for different employments
  • HR calls for e.g. probationary employment can be saved
  • The employee’s skills can be stored
  • Documents can be uploaded belonging to an employee
  • GDPR-secured information management
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