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SoftOne GO Finance is a financial system with accounting, customer and supplier ledgers, inventories, and more. The program is well integrated with other modules such as invoicing and payroll. This means that much of your company's accounting documents are automatically generated based on what happens outside in daily operations.


Automation and Efficiency

As SoftOne GO is cloud-based, it means that both you and your accountant always have access to the latest information. All you need is an internet connection and login. You can then discuss based on the same basis as you both have access to the same information. You also avoid handling hardware, operation and updates. This gives you a reliable and cost-effective solution when you use an accounting program.


The functions of the Finance module

With an integrated accounting program in SoftOne GO, you reduce your administration. You can have an unlimited number of verification series, which facilitates tracking and report printing.

With accounting in SoftOne GO, you get access to, among other things:

  • Support for up to 6 dimensions
  • Drillable reports
  • Accruals with tracking to underlying
  • Automatic postings
  • Account analysis
  • Budget with reports for follow-up
  • VAT control and export of VAT data to the Swedish Tax Agency
  • Customizable reports and report packages
  • Import and export of accounting transactions according to SIE standard
  • Template verification
  • Gross profit statement for the trade
  • Upload documents to the voucher

Consolidated accounting in SoftOne GO is simple. With a couple of button presses, you get a financial statement for the group. Each subsidiary is managed as a cost center and consolidation takes place via “connection table”. In the parent company, you can extract reports for the entire group but also individual companies.

In SoftOne GO’s module for Inventory accounting, you can create inventories directly from the supplier invoice, alternatively link the supplier invoice to an already posted inventory. You can enter inventory registers from other systems to continue with depreciation from the last written off period. You can also upload documents and images to your inventories. Value adjustments, disposals and sales take place directly from the inventories. In case of sales, you can trace to the customer invoice, if the Sales module in SoftOne GO is used. Depreciation templates for, for example, main and completion rules with accounting for each inventory type are available in SoftOne GO.

In your accounts receivable, you manage your sent invoices. You can easily send reminders and create interest invoices. Payment is made manually or via feedback from your bank. Printing of various balance lists is of course included. The customer center in SoftOne GO gives you information about each individual customer’s unpaid and paid invoices. Invoices in SoftOne GO can be distributed via email, electronically or by post. The invoice verification is integrated directly into SoftOne GO Accounting, but can also be exported via SIE file.

You manage supplier invoices in SoftOne GO easily via e-invoice, manual layout or interpretation. If the attestation function is used, you can automatically send out the invoices on an attestation flow. Payment is made via file or manually. Feedback function from your bank for ticking is included in the accounts payable.

Management of different currencies where you decide yourself whether the currency should be updated manually, monthly or every day. Rate differences are booked automatically.

All supplier invoices are gathered in the Supplier Center and you can easily follow them.

Liquidity planning helps you calculate how much must be paid within a given range.

From the supplier invoice, you can automatically create accruals and layouts of inventory.

With electronic supplier invoice management, the supplier invoices come to the company fully interpreted and can, based on certain conditions, be automatically sent out on a fully customizable attestation flow. When you use electronic invoicing, you avoid all the time it takes to pop, scan and punch in invoices.

Functionality in SoftOne GO’s digital certificate:

  • Automatic certificate flow
  • Attestation flow per user
  • Per supplier
  • Per project
  • Per cost center
  • Determine certificate priority and amount limits

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