Integration partners

SoftOne works with several different integration partners to enable a wider range of functionality to enhance your SoftOne GO experience. You can also smoothly integrate SoftOne GO with other systems you work in.

Zwapgrid is a cloud service where companies stream data between systems, customers and partners in a smart and cost-effective way.

PaperLess are experts in scanning and recording electronic documents, via interpretation, approval and archiving.

InExchange makes it easier for Swedish companies to send and receive invoices electronically. They also offer several innovative services through the InExchange Network in the form of purchasing, invoice management and Business Intelligence.

SoftOne and Elkedjan have developed an integration that involves electronic handling of materials and invoices as well as inventory management with Elkedjan Nära.

Integrate FDT’s store data system with SoftOne GO Ekonomi. The purpose of the strategic collaboration is to strengthen the customer benefit for our joint customers within Elkedjan and Elon Group.

Kofax helps businesses automate their document processes, e.g. scanning of supplier invoices.


Brightec is the manufacturer of the touch screen terminal TS40, adapted for SoftOne’s software Presence terminal. Regardless of your business background, you can use them to generate critical employee data for SoftOne GO, accurate payroll, schedule management and planning efficiency.


Logic IT supplies hardware that, together with SoftOne’s software, the Attendance Terminal, constitutes a professional time terminal of the highest quality and high service, which saves time for you as customers.


SoftOne offers integrations from SoftOne GO Time/Salary to our authorities, and the first is This means that you can send employer’s certificate and the data in the payroll system is easily transferred to


SoftOne provides integrations to Cash IT offering POS systems with integrations to business systems and e-commerce. They help stores, retail chains and public businesses to take payments, analyze sales data and increase sales.

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