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A comprehensive system where Scheduling, Time management and Payroll are integrated means that the administration only needs to be done once. Each employee is assigned the rights they need in their position to be able to administer their own times, absences and other deviations.


The advantages of a payroll system from SoftOne GO

Significantly reduced administration

Transfer of administration into the business

Payroll administration already completed when the schedule is set

Overview of salary costs in real time

Ability to adjust retroactively and plan ahead

Salary specifications directly in the mobile app

A user-friendly system in the cloud

Payroll outsourcing available if needed

The result was better than we could have imagined
By allowing most of the salary to be calculated already in the time system, completely automatically, much of the administrative work in the salary system disappeared. The salary controller the customer focused on more thought-intensive processes and the need to adjust everything that went wrong became much less.

Many positive effects with a digital salary system
All of a sudden, the business and finance department could see their payroll data in real time. You got completely different opportunities to follow up on your numbers. If something went wrong, most of the adjustments could already be made in the time system. And only there. The adjustments were automatically reflected in the payroll system without any additional intervention. The salary system took into account the new conditions, reimbursed and adjusted even backwards in time. The salary controller monitors the progress, but does not have to do anything actively.

The new generation salary role
Much of the monotonous and time-consuming tasks disappeared and the salary role could be developed. With the right digital payroll system, the payroll function became extremely efficient in comparison to traditional systems. It managed more salaries for an unchanged workload. Business and the economy also developed better when wage data flowed faster.

New times make new demands
In these times, the pressure on companies to find new, better, cheaper and more digital solutions will accelerate – digital systems that create real value. The country’s payroll managers and payroll functions get more out of their work instead of spending all their time on administration. They can and must make other demands today, and we meet those demands with SoftOne GO Pay-Roll


The functions of the Pay-Roll module

With the payroll processing in SoftOne GO, the payroll is basically ready once you have set the schedule and administered the time.

The integration between schedule, time and salary in SoftOne GO means that you only have to do the administration once. The salary is updated in real time with additional deviations in the form of allowances or deductions.

In order to succeed with an efficient payroll administration, the schedule planning needs to be kept up to date so that the automatic certificate works as it should in the time reporting.

The way the salary is laid out, you do not work with open and closed periods, but as far as you have added salary periods, you can see preliminary salary. This means that you get full control over the business’ salary costs.

With the retroactive salary calculation, the employee receives the salary that he would have received if all the facts were known during ordinary salary calculation. The system automatically recalculates both compensation and deductions for each period.

Another unique feature is “reverse transaction”. If, for example, you registered a holiday for one day and paid it out before it was known that it would be sick, you just have to “turn over” the holiday and register sick. Both transactions are automatically included in the pay period you selected.

API connections to the Swedish Tax Agency simplify your administration. A big advantage is that, for example, car benefits are loaded automatically.

SoftOne GO Payroll management makes the end of the holiday year easy.

Security in SoftOne GO Payroll Management is provided via rights per user where each employee is assigned the rights they need in their position to be able to administer their own times, absences and other deviations. The individual salary specification can be easily downloaded via the app or via any platform.

SoftOne Outsourcing salary is an alternative that ensures quality while lowering costs for many of our customers. We take responsibility for the salaries being correct and paid out on time, but we also manage all statistics and reporting to various authorities and organisations. You can choose between entrusting all or part of the payroll processing to us. Do you need help for a limited time, e.g. in the event of parental leave or an organizational change, it works just as well as a longer-term arrangement.

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