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Our business system for projects is a collection point for all information related to your various projects. It could, for example, be a larger contract.


The Project Central

Get an overview and control over your projects

Your projects are managed in the Project Centre. There you have full control over your projects from budget and execution to follow-up. During the entire course of the project, you see the financial situation and can, after completed projects, use these as a basis for decisions to choose future profitable deals.

Projects can be built up in a hierarchy with main and sub-projects for a detailed follow-up, per project or for the entire project group. In each main or sub-project, it is possible to post a detailed balance sheet and budget. You can create lifting plans and manage the ongoing advance and index invoicing easily from each project.

In the Project Center, all information about the project is collected, but there is also access to various reports for project follow-up in various dimensions and successive profit calculation.


Efficient flow when time, orders, invoicing are handled in the same system

An integration of other services in the same system creates an efficient flow and always updated project status. When Time, Order, Invoicing and Accounts Payable are managed in the same system, the project is always updated with the latest figures. It creates a smooth and accurate Project Report. This saves time when you gather all the information in one place.

The project manager easily creates the project and controls who should have access to the project. Included employees can via app or web work in the project in a way that creates transparency and involved project participants.


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