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SoftOne was started by Håkan Lord within the framework of Modern Systemering.

Modern Systemering was a larger and fast-growing IT group with a range of business areas. Håkan Lord recruited from IBM to the group management, to establish the software business area. Håkan created SoftOne as a brand and filled the company by acquiring Konsultgruppen with a DOS-based financial system, which was further developed to become SoftOne Admin. Agency established from agDA salary SAF's Allmänna Grupp and agency for complementary PC programs for word processing, calculations and graphics from Chang Labs.

Håkan Lord then bought out SoftOne, with the support of financiers, mainly the book publisher Natur och Kultur.

First big deal

Agreement with Installationsdata (owned by the trade organizations EIO and Rör) - we were the first to come up with a financial system adapted to installers called Entré.

SoftOne Admin 4 was an OEM system for Installation data, which launched Entré with great success to smaller installation companies.

Håkan Lord naturally buys out the financiers' shares to become 100% owner.
Launch of a completely newly developed Windows-based Client Server program called SoftOne Admin 5. This initiated a strong expansion via new sales and acquisitions. The customer base is broadened from having been installation companies to accounting firms.

Acquisition of customer bases DOS migrated over to SoftOne Admin 5

Edla, CGS, Ekonoma, WinTwin, MicroMore


A collaboration begins with Norwegian DI Systems for establishment on the Norwegian market.

A technological and market-oriented collaboration was initiated, with a vision of a possible future Nordic group. When Visma bought DI Systemer, SoftOne took over the customer base that had been built up within the framework of SoftOne AS. In the same way, the CRM installations built by SoftOne were transferred to Visma.


Agreement with ICA Sweden regarding SoftOne Admin as an accounting system for ICA Merchants within the framework of ICA's internal store data network.


The vision of a new generation Business and HR system was formulated and we began the work of preparing for the development of a completely web-based business system.

The project was called the Grand Canyon and ran for many years in parallel with the regular development. The project was ultimately closed as it was based on the wrong technological platform, but resulted in important lessons learned as well as functionality and features to use in upgrading the existing Client Server Windows system, which came to be called SoftOne Professional.


Collaboration with Paperless as an OEM supplier to create a module for Electronic Invoice Management integrated into SoftOne Professional.


SoftOne sells its customer base of customers Agda-lön to Agdalön AB, which previously via Extrico took over all rights from SAF's Allmänna Grupp.

SoftOne Professional

Launch of SoftOne Professional, the next generation of SQL-based business systems.

Carat Lön AB

Acquisition of Carat Lön AB in Motala and Gothenburg.

Carat Lön became SoftOne Lön. With WebbTid, SoftOne was early on with a web-based time accounting system. With this also came a small department for payroll outsourcing, which was later supplemented with an acquisition of Lönsam Företagspartner, whereby further payroll outsourcing assignments followed.

SoftOne XE

An investment in building a SaaS business and HR system was started and we built a development department for dotnet and web from the start.

The vision was to build a role-based Business and HR system according to SaaS with all information collected in a database, for small and medium-sized companies. The goal was to offer the existing customer base Client Server to migrate, but also to build a new market with a solution with increased scalability both downward and upward in company size.

Initially, a thin but broad business system was developed for craftsmen. The new web-based business system was named SoftOne XE. To learn, this was preceded by the acquisition of a small web-based system called Estatus aimed at facility management.


Acquisition of a web-based order system for craftsmen called Elweb.

The purpose was to make use of the experiences from Elweb and to take advantage of and further develop its strengths within the framework of SoftOne XE.

Tietosauma OY

Acquisition of Tietosauma OY, which was transformed into SoftOne Group subsidiary SoftOne OY.

Tietosauma OY was a well-managed staff-owned development company with the business system Sauma, which has similar customers in Finland as SoftOne has in the Swedish market. With the acquisition, SoftOne established a strong presence in Helsinki for the Finnish market ahead of the launch of a joint web-based system (SoftOne XE).

SoftOne GO

Launch of SoftOne GO as the replacement for SoftOne XE, with a progressively renewed responsive interface.

SoftOne GO is a role-based Business and HR system that is web-based with a database and a responsive platform-independent system, available via both apps for IOS and Android, as well as any browser via mobile, iPad or computer around the clock.


Agreement with ICA Sweden on a joint investment in SoftOne GO for Scheduling, Time and Staffing for ICA dealers.

The agreement stipulated, among other things, high demands on security, development of features with complete fulfillment of the trade agreement as well as sales budget and key figures with integration to ICA's cash register/BI, etc.

With functionality within the framework of the SoftOne GO cloud service, ICA Butikskonsult offers solutions for Staffing optimization.

The project was carried out together with ICA and was approved at the end of 2017, whereby the project transitioned to management and rollout to ICA dealers.

Svenska Elkedjan

Strategic agreement with Svenska Elkedjan

An agreement was concluded with Elkedjan for a long-term investment in SoftOne GO Cloud Service and to jointly strengthen the chain's competitiveness with a harmonized IT platform and strategic Cloud Service for members.

EU-lagen GDPR

The EU law GDPR gains legal force and SoftOne complies with the law. Launch of "softone.online", a service for secure login to SoftOne GO regardless of whether via the app or a web browser.


Agreement with Axfood to provide the four chains Willys, Hemköp, Snabb Gross and Eurocash around 11,000 employees with the SoftOne GO cloud service for Schedule, Time and Staffing, adapted for chain management and integrated with Success Factors and the central payroll system Aditro Plus.

SoftOne GO 2.0

Launch of SoftOne GO 2.0 after a completed platform change, with a new, more attractive interface and smoother navigation as well as an expanded ecosystem around SoftOne GO, including SoftOne Academy.

Digitization price

The establishment of the SoftOne annual digitization award in 2 categories, to recognize companies with a challenging digitization journey, which despite challenges gave a good result in the end, respectively a company where the digitization journey went very easily, with the aim of spreading the experiences and lessons learned around the opportunities and challenges of digitization and increase knowledge and understanding as well as to contribute to simplifying and raising awareness for future digitization journeys.


Agreement with the Tele2 Group. Both the sale and the roll-out of the solution for time and staffing took place successfully completely digitally without any physical meetings.


Launch SoftOne GO Business Platform 3.0.


Launch SoftOne GO Business Platform 4.0.

Timer Group

Acquisition of Timer Group, a leading development company in Internet-based Time/Staffing solutions for the retail trade. The merger with Timer Group also meant a strengthening of the development capacity in Söderhamn and strengthened SoftOne with a large number of retail chains. Acquisition of 50% in XOft Technologies Ltd outside Colombo, Sri Lanka, a dotnet and business systems development company.


Launch SoftOne GO Business Platform 5.0


Launch of SoftOne Timer Time and Staffing, an entry-level product for Time and Staffing according to SaaS that is particularly appreciated by the Store Manager. SoftOne Timer is integrated with SoftOne GO Salary. It is easy to grow from SoftOne Timer to SoftOne GO Business Platform for Time and Staffing as needs increase, e.g. head office functions and increased functionality around planning and optimization for larger chains.


Launch of SoftOne GO Business Platform 6.0


Signed tender agreement with COOP Svenska AB to provide the associations with the SoftOne GO Business Platform for Time and Staffing as well as Payroll and Finance.


Acquisition of the shares in Scrollan El, VVS and Bygg AB. Scrollan El, VVS och Bygg is one of the three leading suppliers to the installation industries and was established in 1986.


Signed agreement with ICA Sverige AB for Time and Staffing for the chain ICA Maxi Special, integrated with the HR system Workday and the payroll system HR+8.


Launch of SoftOne GO Business Platform 7.0

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