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SoftOne invests approximately 30% of its turnover in Product Development, to maintain the position of being at the technological forefront with the business and personnel system SoftOne GO, a SaaS system with a database and a role-based interface.


We are passionate about simplifying and automating

The product department with its Product Manager (CPO) is within the parent company SoftOne AB (publ) and acts as a customer and works with requirements together with QA (Quality Assurance), while the development department within SoftOne Application AB, a wholly owned subsidiary with a development manager (CTO), is the executor and secures the SaaS service both technically and in terms of development and maintenance. The product department is also responsible for ongoing tests, comprehensive tests, documentation and final approval before launch.

The requirements come from the customers via workshops, reference groups, ongoing dialogues, but also from salespeople, the consulting department and in the ongoing dialogue with our product specialists within Service & Quality. Of course, we constantly monitor the market and the outside world via an extensive network. At SoftOne, we are all passionate about simplifying and expanding automation in a responsive way where we always go the extra mile with the customer at the center.

The product department naturally works closely with the developers to ensure that the overall result is as good as possible and to ensure publications every two weeks with very high quality. We work according to a roadmap for the actual development of the service as well as a technical roadmap to take advantage of the technological advances.

At SoftOne, we constantly strive to invest in and use the latest methods and technologies to constantly be at the forefront.

  • The new web interface uses the Angular framework to get the best possible user experience and compatibility with as many browsers as possible.
  • The development process is conducted in an agile manner according to the SCRUM methodology with the release of new versions every two weeks to reduce risks and for customers to have access to new functions as quickly as possible.
  • Softone’s cloud service (Softone GO) is mostly operated and developed on Microsoft technology with SQL Server as the database engine and C# as the development language.
  • Users can choose to work either on mobile via apps for Android and iPhone or via a web interface.
  • The cloud service also has a REST-based API that external developers can use to help customers retrieve information for use in other systems or, conversely, put things into SoftOne GO.
  • SoftOne is ISO27001 certified. Read more about what that means here.
  • We work with automatic tests to ensure high quality.
  • We are a Microsoft Gold Partner.

Get to know our development department

We work according to one of the most common agile frameworks, SCRUM, with so-called sprints that run in two weeks. Our way of working allows us to deliver frequently and to constantly make incremental fine-tuning of the system based on customer needs, feedback and things happening in the outside world. Large features are often launched in collaboration with pilot customers. We have continuous testing in the sprints and involve large parts of the company in the testing.

Focus is important in development as we never want to compromise our quality and constantly work towards our vision; to develop the Nordic region’s leading complete business system.

We have releases every two weeks with some adjustments for holidays and holidays. On average, this is around 23 releases per year. We bring forward documentation about all new functions and changes in our Release News. I would really like to urge all customers to read them because man must be able to use the system in the best way.
Requests come in from several different directions. A large part of the requests come via support and our salespeople. But we also have other ways to get requests in, such as reference groups and specific workshops. They are prioritized to ensure that the benefit is maximized for as many customers as possible.
For us, it is very important with our technical roadmap and vision and that everyone in the development department is involved in that work. In order to be at the technological forefront and build in new technologies, we in the development department work a lot with POCs (proof of concept) to test and prove our theories. The tests are often narrow, but practical, to create a business case. One of the most recent examples is a POC for our mobile apps. There we have done a POC to be able to prove that we can incorporate the Flutter framework in our existing native apps and gradually move towards that technology. We know that it is a technology we want to explore but are not entirely sure which solution is best and will last in the long term. To land on those answers, we do a POC. This allows us to focus on new technology in a resource-efficient way and thus follow our vision and develop a roadmap at the technological forefront.
Our technical vision is to be at the technological forefront. It is for several reasons. Our solution must be extremely competitive and contribute new and innovative solutions that our customers use, which make their jobs more efficient. Then new technology is a prerequisite. It’s also about performance and stability, where new technology comes into play. Another reason is to be an attractive workplace for developers who are passionate about new technology. Therefore, we have a technical vision with certain strategic areas for which we have a vision, for example AI, data science and mobility.
The developers get the opportunity to test new technologies and constantly develop. For areas that are new to us, we bring in external experts. This means that new cutting-edge knowledge is brought in within specific technical areas. The scoop includes them training our developers so that we are always developing internally as our service evolves. We have the approach that if we bring in external help, we must always be able to learn, manage and develop the delivery that the expert brings in.

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