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As a customer you have access to our Digital Customer Center 24/7 where you can follow your support case and have access to frequently asked questions and answers , FAQ.

Help center

Welcome to our business- and customer-oriented support

When you choose to become a customer of SoftOne, you can get help from our experienced consultants to get started and be able to use all the possibilities in our systems.

SoftOne is pleased to be able to offer our customers free support. That our customers succeed in the system and use it in the best way is crucial for us to achieve our vision. Our vision is to increase our customers’ growth and competitiveness through the use of the SoftOne business platform.

Our regular opening hours are:
weekdays 8-16 with lunch closed 12-13.
The day before Red Day we close at 1pm.

You can always email us.

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In order to offer our customers the best possible service, we work according to a number of principles:

  • The Digital Customer Center is now even more the hub for all types of support matters, regardless of whether it concerns support questions, requests, orders or software errors.
  • All contact with SoftOne’s Service & Quality must take place through your company’s SuperUsers*.
  • All case management begins with a case being registered in the Digital Customer Center. You can then refer to the case number you receive if you need help via email or phone.
  • You follow the status of your case in the Digital Customer Center. This is also where you see the feedback.
  • Our Product Specialists are divided into two business-focused teams based on the industries in which our customers work. We further develop the knowledge in each area so that you are met by a product specialist who not only knows your product areas, but also has knowledge of your business area and the needs and challenges you may face.
  • When you call Service & Quality, you are faced with two choices; Artisans, Transport and Consultants as well as Trade, Service Companies & Organizations.


SoftOnes Digital Customer center

Our Digital Customer Center is created for you as a customer. It is the hub for all questions and concerns you have regarding SoftOne’s business platform. Here you can report and follow up on your support issues and get access to our frequently asked questions and answers. If you are a customer and user of one of our client server programs, such as SoftOne Salary, SoftOne Business, SoftOne Timer or SoftOne Professional, you will be able to download new versions of the software. In order to be able to help you in the best way, we can ask for your permission to connect us to your computer via remote control.

1. Login

2. Define and categorize what you need help with

3. Register your task

4. Follow the status and get feedback

Download TeamViewer for remote support.

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